Hey Guys!

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Hey Guys!
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Hi Everyone!


Been a long time since I've seen what's going on.  Just recently found out about you guys playing Firefall.  I am home for the next week and a half so I figured I'd see what all the hype is about and give it a go.  Been playing a lot of Mechwarrior Online.  Excited to see where this City of Titans goes, I'll definitely be heavy into it when it drops.


I am scheduled for shoulder surgery again on nov. 25th.  (The other shoulder this time, hurt it at work.)  So I might be out for a while once that date hits.  See ya in game soon!



War Griffon
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Hey 12600, we are usually playing Firefall on Sat. am. I will be on this am. Hope to see you..


Orion Pax
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Welcome back, 12600 Good